Welcome to Will-Bridge Club

A coach to help you
Improve your game while having fun

The goal of Will-Bridge is
to help you
discover, improve and appreciate Bridge,
the most extraordinary game of the mind.

For this,
Will-Bridge has created a unique
method of coaching
        both fun and very efficient        

The efficiency of this coaching is based on 2 concepts:

          1. the "Will-Bridge Apps"          

which allow you to play exciting deals online
under the guidance of a Teacher

          2. the "Practice Booklets"          

which allow you to play Eddie Kantar's booklets online
reflecting the following idea:
"Don't read it, just play it !"


This coaching is addressed to all players, whatever their level,
from novice to expert


Apart from fun,
            as a "brain gym",            
it will also offer you the excellent opportunity
to help preserve your mental prowess.

bridge online

bridge What's the concept of the "Will-Bridge Apps"? WBF five stars

Exciting deals with comments,
carefully selected for their strategic or pedagogic interests,
are played online
under the guidance of a Professor.

     with amazing results !     

The deals...

. are exciting, because they are formatted carefully
. they match your level
. provide clear explanations
. use a World Champion bridge software
. provide a unique coaching method
. will easily help you to progress

Play, enjoy...

Will-Bridge guarantees your progress

bridge Each deal is a real strategic enigma

Up to you to solve this enigma:

. if you make the good analysis and find the right strategy,
you win

. otherwise, the software playing against you,
will defeat you without mercy ...

bridge A unique "Type IV" bridge software

To help you make progress quickly and easily,
Will-Bridge has created a unique method of coaching.

This method is based on "Type IV" Software,
the very best there is Bridge Software .

You play alone
(when you wish, as long and as often as you want)
against a robot...

          World Champion of Bridge Software          

Type IV deal play will proceed the following way:

. first, freely play bidding and card play,
without any help from a coach.
You play the contract you have bid,
whatever it is.

. then, if you are not in the right contract
or if you have not won,
you replay the same deal in a "coached" version:

. your bids are checked so as to always lead you
to the right contract
(otherwise the deal and its commentary
would not be meaningful).

. in the card play,
this coach will help you
to organize your reasoning
and finally,
help you find the solution yourself.

. In the end,
a commentary will analyse the situation
and explain in detail what the good strategy is.

            A real treat for the mind!            

bridge Progressive Will-Bridge Apps, easy progress

Assembled in a serie of "Will-Bridge Apps",
these exciting deals
are grouped by level of difficulties:

. novice
. intermediate
. advanced
. competition
. advanced competition

They correspond exactly
to what you are looking for,
to have fun and to progress easily, naturally,
and without effort.

This website currently proposes
5 English Will-Bridge Apps,
in application of the world standard
"5-card major".
(You could also play on the French website
15 Apps covering all the various bridge fields and levels.)

A treasure-trove of limitless games
and the guarantee of
dazzling progress

          The Will-Bridge App Collection          

click on
                    Eddie Kantar Eddie Kantar
Eddie Kantar

bridge To novices

With the "Discover Bridge" App,
Eddie Kantar
proposes two unique programs to novices:

where all are made in the
form of game play,
without any prerequisite knowledge needed.

          The easiest way to discover bridge          

. Bidding is played immediately
without any notion of card play,
thanks to "metagames"
(the "Marathon" and the "Labyrinth").

. The card game is played with no need
of any prior notion on the bidding,
and to make it even simpler,
all the elementary manuvers are played,
not with 13,
but with a reduced number of cards...

bridge The World Bridge Federation

World Bridge Federation

The quality of those proposed deals,
the clarity of their commentaries,
the originality of the game play method,
together with the efficiency of coaching provided by
the Type IV software
and the play against a
World Champion of Bridge Software,
have drawn enthusiastic support from the

They have consecrated

          Will-Bridge as the #1 Bridge Software          

Bobby Wolff's opinion,
(13-time World Champion) :

click on
Bobby Wolff
Bobby Wolff

"I can enthusiastically recommend these products
for novice, intermediate and advanced players.

The bidding and teaching commentary are of high caliber.

The five different levels of plays
will provide players opportunity
to actually improve their game in a home setting,
alone or with their partners.

These attributes do not appear to exist
in other more entertainment-oriented computer bridge games."
Bobby Wolff

bridge Test before you buy

The philosophy of Will-Bridge is allow you to
test for free
before you make an informed decision to purchase.

This will offer you
hours of game play
allowing you to test all
the Will-Bridge Apps in their demo version...

bridge As to eMags... Eddie Kantar's Green Book & Blue Book

Will-bridge puts at your disposal 2 series of
Eddie Kantar's booklets
on bridge games that you can play
on-line directly on the site
without downloading

This free game sample will allow you to appreciate
the friendly and easy to play aspect
of this booklet
which has hands on leads, bidding, and card play.

          Eddie Kantar's Practice booklets          

        Playing the Practice booklets        


Classification of bridge software

    There exists 4 types of bridge software:

. Type I ... Player for random deals

. Type II ... Player for pre-selected deals

. Type III ... Professor for pre-selected deals

The player is "coached" all along:

. Type IV ... Type II + Type III: the most advanced form.

The game will run in 2 phases:

The very best there is,
ideal for easy and quick progress