The follow-up to Discover Bridge :
practice of " the fondamentals" for intermediate players.

Don't play any computer randomly distributed hand
which wouldn't be of any interest at all !

Play interesting hands that are at your level,
and with comments from champions/teachers
who want to help you progress while having fun.

The world's best bridge coach at your disposal !

Here, the hands are fascinating and carefully selected
so as to help you learn
the fundamental strategies of bridge,
both when you defend and when you are declarer.

Refection is stressed.

Learn how to think while having fun,
sitting at the bridge table...
- sometimes as declarer (once every three times)
- sometimes defending (twice out three times)     

   Bridge software classification  

Type IV software

Complete games you would play "at the card table",
but under the control of a teacher
who will help you organize your thoughts,
so that you can find the solution yourself.

A coach to help you
improve your game
while having fun